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Road to Revolution

Map of eastern north america showing location of the 13 colonies on the coast and "Lands reserved for the Indians" on the left

During the French and Indian War, the British Army and its colonies fought alongside one another to prevent French economic and territorial expansion in North America. Yet, only ten years later, the colonies and the British Empire were on the brink of war. What created the shift in the colonial mindset? What set the colonies on the road to revolution?

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In Their Own Words: Civil War Soldier’s Experience


The Civil War transformed the United States and reshaped the political, social, and economic make-up of 19th century America. The secession of the South divided the country in two, transforming the country in a span of 4 years. Yet, it is hard to grasp the profound impacts the war had on individual Soldiers and civilians. How can we better understand such impacts? Further, how can we use primary documents to illuminate different perspectives?

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Our Girls Over There: The Hello Girls

Three women wearing headphones sit at a switchboard

In 1917, General John J. Pershing requested “organization and dispatch to France a force of Women telephone operators all speaking French and English equally well.” That request created the Army’s first all-female telephone operator unit. It marked the first time that women served on or near the front lines of battle. The Army recruited 233 telephone operators dubbed the “Hello Girls.” How did gender roles influence men and women’s Army participation during World War I?

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