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Preserving The Nation

Discover the Army‘s part in the defining American event of the 19th century, the Civil War.

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Entering the world stage

Nation Overseas

The Nation Overseas Gallery explores the Army‘s first venture onto the world stage.

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A Modern Battlefield

Changing World

The Changing World Gallery chronicles one of the most dynamic and global periods in U.S. Army history, from the fall of the Soviet Union through our nation’s current conflicts.

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Beyond the Call

Medal Of Honor Experience

The Medal of Honor Experience invites visitors to explore the history of the Medal of Honor as it relates to the Army. Learn about the award recommendation process and hierarchy of Army awards that recognize heroic actions.

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The Two Front War

The Nisei Soldier Experience

The National Army Museum is the current home of an unprecedented collection of Japanese American artifacts, including the Nisei Soldiers of World War II Congressional Gold Medal, that capture their rarely-told story.

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