Plan A Military Group Visit

A destination for military leadership and professional development activities.

The National Museum of the United States Army provides the only comprehensive portrayal of Army history and traditions through the eyes of the American Soldier. By preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting invaluable artifacts, the National Army Museum creates learning opportunities for all visitors and bonds the American people to their oldest military service. We are America’s Army Museum.

The U.S. Army owns and operates the Museum. The Army Historical Foundation (Foundation) continues its fundraising role in support of the Museum and through a lease agreement with the U.S. Army, manages all retail, catering and special events as revenue generating operations.

Museum Mission:

The Museum is first and foremost a public-facing facility with a public mission. The Museum offers ticketing for individuals and for groups. Group ticketing also offers additional options for group activities and food services.  The Museum also has a variety of special event spaces that can be utilized for private events and for official military use. Official military use is defined as an official business event being paid for with government funds.

The Museum welcomes group visits and special event reservations. All special events, ceremonies, presentations and meetings must be requested through the online request forms, approved by the Museum Director in advance, and conducted in accordance with the current Museum guidelines and without disrupting public visitors during Museum daily operations, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., seven days a week.


Tours, Professional Development and Organization Off-Site Visits
  • All group visits begin with an online group ticket request via the Museum’s website.
  • The National Museum is designed specifically for a meaningful visitor experience. Additional visitor information, organization/unit historians, interpretation tools or guides are discouraged and unnecessary for group visits.
  • The Army’s history and Soldier stories shared throughout the Museum are very accessible and the galleries are designed for free-flow exploration, versus a guided tour.
  • The National Museum is different than the other U.S. Army museums that have a training mission focus. The National Museum is designed specifically to share Army history with a variety of visitor types and does not currently offer, or require, specialized visitor information for Leadership Professional Development (LPD) visits, Soldier training, leadership professional development or branch/unit history etc.
  • Leaders who would like to address their group at the Museum, should gather and address group participants outdoors, such as the Museum plaza, being mindful that their messages/remarks are being shared in a public environment and not exclusive to their group.
  • Organizations/groups are encouraged to utilize the free Museum programs and activities available for group visits, the Museum guide and the on-site audio toursLearn more about these group programs here.
  • Dining options also may be explored as part of the group ticketing reservation process.
All group visits, special events, ceremonies, presentations and meetings etc. must be coordinated and reserved in advance. Drop-in or “pop-up” events, ceremonies, presentations, meetings are not permitted.
  • Begin the online military group visit request here.
  • Please be mindful to share the requested information, e.g. “Group Type” or “Requestor Type.”
  • For the Museum’s reporting purposes only, please indicate if your group includes a distinguished visitor. Distinguished Visitors (DVs) are Code 1-6 as defined by the Department of the Army Protocol Precedence List.
  • Please provide additional information under “Additional Comments or Questions” or “Event Description.”

Military Group Visits FAQ

How do I reserve a guided tour for my Military group?

Organizations/groups are encouraged to utilize the free programs and activities the Museum offers for group visits, the Museum Guide, and on-site audio tours. The Fighting for the Nation Galleries docent-led tours are free and offered to visitors daily at 10:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. These tours can accommodate up to 10 people each and are available on first-come, first-served basis to Museum visitors. These tours are intended for the walk-in, general public, visitor and cannot be reserved in advance. Visitors may inquire about attending a docent-led tour at the Welcome Desk when they arrive at the Museum.

May I create/provide a guided tour for my Military group using members of my staff/team/historian?

As the National Army Museum, the Museum is designed specifically for a meaningful visitor experience without prior preparation. Additional visitor information, organization/unit historians, interpretation, tools or guides are not necessary and are discouraged.

Are guided tours for Military groups available?

Museum docents provide free guided tours at 10:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. daily for up to 10 visitors total on a first-come, first-served basis. These tours visit the Fighting for the Nation Galleries for approximately 50 minutes. Free audio tours are also available to visitors in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic. Check out a free audio tour at the Welcome Desk with a government issued photo ID.

Where may my Military leader/group organizer address the group during our visit?

Leaders/group organizers are encouraged to address their group outside the Museum when they arrive or depart, such as at the outdoor plaza area. Leaders/group organizers are reminded that the Museum is open to the public and remarks for their group may not be suitable for the general public visitor experience.

What do you suggest if our Military group would like to do one thing together as a complete group at the Museum?

The Army Theater provides visitors with an immersive introduction to the U.S. Army and to the Museum. “Of Noble Deeds” is a free 12-minute film that runs throughout the day and does not require an additional ticket. Also, the Programs and Education department offers free public programs suitable for groups, such as, Operation Safe Passage and history talks. These programs are approximately one-hour long and free of charge. More information on public programs for Military Group Programs can be found here. Groups may inquire about reserving these programs through the Group Tickets online request process.

Is a special event reservation required for a Military Milestone Event (MME), ceremony, event, presentation, meeting, etc.? May I use the Museum’s public spaces during the visitor day?

Drop-in or “pop-up” events are not permitted anywhere (indoors or outdoors) on the Museum Campus. All events must be scheduled and approved in advance via the online special event request form. Through a lease agreement with the Army, the Army Historical Foundation is responsible for managing all elements of special event management and catering as revenue generating operations. Event requests officially begin when the customer submits an online Event Inquiry Form here.

Are there any military events that are not suitable for the Museum special event space?

Yes. Conferences; events requiring “business center” type space, services or support; events requiring “breakout” rooms or spaces; events requiring multiple rooms or spaces simultaneously; funerals or memorial services; and outdoor exercises and training. Please see the Military Special Event page or Military Meetings page for more information.

May I conduct a site visit/RECON prior to confirming the reservation?

You are welcome to explore the Museum as a visitor daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. with free, timed-entry tickets. Please use the designated online path to request your group tickets or a special event request and communicate with the designated staff POC for more information. Museum Welcome Desk staff and Volunteers are not the appropriate representatives to provide information about group ticket or special event reservations and should not be asked to support a RECON or an information-gathering visit. Information gathered outside of the group visit and special event request process, and apart from the designated Museum POC, is not valid information for your planning.  

What options are there for meals? May I bring in my own food/drink/cake?

Outside food and drink are not permitted inside the Museum. The Museum Café is open during the visitor day and offers a variety of menu options. Catering services offer boxed lunch options for groups, as well as special event catering menus.

May our videographer/photographer/social media manager etc. cover our visit and/or capture command messages while we are visiting the Museum?

While on the Museum Campus, permissions for photography, videography, command messaging — and anything beyond standard visitor/tourist photography — should be coordinated with, and approved by the Museum public affairs officer prior to the visit.

Is a CAC or Fort Belvoir access privileges required for a military group visit?

No CAC or military affiliation is required for access. The Museum is open to the public via free timed-entry tickets.