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The Special Exhibition Gallery welcomes a new art exhibit, Mary Whyte’s WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America. This exhibit features compelling large-scale watercolor portraits of veterans from all walks of life and representing all 50 states. Also displayed in this gallery is The Art of Soldiering, displaying highlights from the U.S. Army Art Collection and depicting experiences of the American Soldier from the Civil War to the present through art produced on the front lines.


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EXHIBIT -Showcased in the Special Exhibition Gallery, Mary Whyte’s WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America features large-scale watercolor portraits of veterans from all walks of life and from all 50 states.

Unique Artifact

THE ARTIST -Mary Whyte is an American figurative artist known internationally for her watercolors of contemporary people. Her works are in private, corporate, university and public collections nationwide and she is the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of her work. Whyte also founded the Patriot Art Foundation as a means to honor and inspire veterans through the arts.

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 THE PORTRAITS -This inspirational exhibit features fifty large scale watercolor portraits of contemporary American veterans of all ages and in all walks of life. Mary Whyte's timeless watercolor paintings include “hidden heroes” showcased together to feature moving portraits of and for the American people.

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WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUE  -Whyte prefers to leave the paper blank in areas of the painting she wants to appear white or light struck. In rare cases, Whyte uses white gouache to create opaque or murky passages. Although she may lay the piece flat for large, loosely painted areas, most of the time Whyte works with her paper secured to a board that rests on an upright easel.  

"...what began as an exercise to create fifty portraits turned into an all-consuming mission to uphold and honor the hidden heroes of our country."

Mary Whyte

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