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The Special Exhibition Gallery welcomes a new exhibit, LOYAL SERVICE: Working Dogs at War. This exhibit features sixteen wooden sculptures symbolizing the sacrifice of those who have served alongside our military in war. Also in this gallery is The Art of Soldiering, displaying highlights from the U.S. Army Art Collection depicting experiences of the American Soldier from the Civil War to the present through art produced on the front lines.

LOYAL SERVICE: Working Dogs at War

Unique Artifact

The Exhibit -This exhibit features sixteen wooden sculptures symbolizing the sacrifice of those who have served alongside our military in war. Artist James Mellick’s intent is to emphasize the nobility of those who sacrificed life, limb, and spirit in service to their country.

Unique Artifact

The Artist -James Mellick of Milford, Ohio, was moved by the physical and emotional sacrifice made by our nation’s service members when creating these sculptures. “In my limited and small way, I want[ed] to pay tribute to the members of the military, who served with great sacrifice, by creating the sculptural allegory of wounded warrior dogs who were their handlers’ best friends and companions in battle."

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Wounded Warrior Dogs -The Wounded Warrior Dogs series are symbolic sculptures, each bearing wounds similar to those suffered by their human counterparts in battle.

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K9 War Stories -The K9 War Stories series of sculptures are carved replicas of specific military working dogs, each telling the story of the K9 team’s shared service and heroism.

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“I’ve come to believe that there is no stronger bond between man and dog than that created by the pure and focused will to survive in battle.”

Artist James Mellick

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