Cold War

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Out of the ashes

The United States faced numerous global challenges during the Cold War. American Soldiers occupied a defensive line in Europe that deterred a potential attack, while on the other side of the world, the U.S. Army fought wars in Korea and Vietnam. Suspended from the ceiling is the iconic UH-1B “Huey” helicopter.

Artifact Highlights

Unique Artifact

Rifle Green Beret -This classic green beret, issued to the Army’s Special Forces after 1961, belonged to Richard A. Thomas, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Unique Artifact

Late Vietnam War Inscribed Helmet Cover -This Vietnam War era helmet cover is decorated with “short timer” graffiti including a countdown calendar. Some of the designs are based on cartoons that appeared in an underground magazine for Soldiers.

Unique Artifact

North Vietnamese Prisoner of War “Pajamas” -Sgt. Jon R. Cavaiani, a prisoner of war from June 1971 until March 1973, wore this jacket and pants. He was captured while protecting his fellow Soldiers, an action for which he received the Medal of Honor.

Unique Artifact

M16 Rifle (M16A1 Rifle) -This semiautomatic, high-velocity, small-bore, ultralightweight rifle was the Army’s standard infantry weapon during the Vietnam War. It could also be fired as an automatic weapon.

Unique Artifact

Special Forces Combat Coat -Capt. M. Clint Brown wore this cotton jacket during his tour of duty with Special Forces in Vietnam.

Unique Artifact

Korean War Era Chinese Combat Shoes -American Soldiers referred to these boots as Chinese “tennis shoes.” The rubber and canvas footgear provided the wearer very little protection against cold weather that was common during harsh Korean winters.

“Let us not be deceived – we are today in the midst of a cold war.”

Bernard Baruch

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