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Entering The World Stage

The Nation Overseas Gallery explores the Army‘s first venture onto the world stage. Operations in China and the Spanish-American War are exhibited, as are the Army’s operations along the Mexican-American border. The remainder of the exhibit focuses on the Army’s role in World War I and the changing face of warfare. Visitors also encounter an immersive exhibit, portraying the Army’s advance during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive which prominently features the FT-17 Renault “Five of Hearts” Tank.

Artifact Highlights

Unique Artifact

Military Barbed Wire -This heavy-duty barbed wire was widely used to construct obstacles and entanglements to slow and stop infantry assaults.

Unique Artifact

Gas Alarm -This rotary wooden rattle was used to alert troops to the presence of poison gas.

Unique Artifact

German 08/15 Machine Gun -This is the standard German machine gun of World War I. Operated by a crew of four, it could fire up to 400 rounds of 7.62 mm. ammunition per minute at ranges up to 3,500 meters.

Unique Artifact

Steel Helmet, Model 1917 -Brothers Frank, Paul, and George Myers each served in a different division in World War I. This helmet, marked with the insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division, belonged to George.

Unique Artifact

Homing Pigeon “Mocker” -“Mocker,” a Signal Corps homing pigeon, flew 52 missions before he was wounded severely while carrying an important message at Saint-Mihiel, France, in September 1918.

Unique Artifact

Chinese Boxer Flag -Lt. Louis Burgess, Battery D, 5th U.S. Artillery, captured this flag at Beijing during the China Relief Expedition in 1900.

“I am up at the front line now, and I tell you sister, it is not an easy life dodging these cannon balls.”

Pvt. Richard S. Phillips

Soldier Profiles

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