Programs & Education

Experiential Learning Center

The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) offers a unique and immersive learning space for all visitors to develop skills and have fun with Geography, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (G-STEM).

By focusing on Army history and innovations, the ELC provides a state-of-the-art, hands-on experience for all ages.


Assembly Area

Join us in the Assembly Area to begin your ELC adventure. In this dynamic space, we introduce visitors to members of the diverse Army family and give them an overview of what it takes to keep the Army running.


Fort Discover

This space is temporarily closed. Join us in Fort Discover, where young visitors can use imaginative play to climb an Army tower, radio friends, drop cargo supplies, launch a space rocket, drive a jeep, serve up chow in the dining facility and check out different uniforms with Camo Camera! Our animated Army mules, Buckshot and Blackjack, use age-appropriate interactive games to teach children about Army innovations across history—such as interstate highways, the Panama Canal and satellite communications.


Training Center

In the Training Center, visitors simulate work done by Army Soldiers in the fields of Geography, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (G-STEM).


Learning Lab

This space is temporarily closed. The Learning Lab enables visitors to apply skills learned in the Training Center and work collaboratively on Operation Safe Passage.

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