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Virtual Field Trips invite middle and high school students to connect with the Museum without leaving their desks. During these free field trips, students are introduced to U.S. Army history through artifacts, primary sources, and personal Soldiers Stories.

Making a Way Out of No Way:  The African American Soldier Experience in World War II

Black and white photo of African American military police during World War II lined up for inspection with a white officer walking down the line.

Generations of African Americans have served their country, many serving in segregated units and not always given the respect and honor due to them. Although African Americans fought with distinction in World War II, they returned home to a segregated America. In 1948, President Harry Truman issued Executive Order 9981, which called for equal opportunity for all members of the Armed Forces. The segregated Army became a thing of the past and the segregation of American society began to crumble.

Explore the commitment, challenges, and bravery of African American Soldiers serving during World War II.

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