Volunteer FAQ

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Volunteer FAQ

What type of activities do volunteers perform?

Volunteers have the opportunity to support a variety of activities such as visitor services, special event support, gallery content discussion, tours, education and administrative tasks.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

Begin the process by completing an application on the application page of the Museum’s Volunteer Portal. Applications are processed in annual cycles and applicants are notified of upcoming training sessions. Accepted applicants complete 8 hours of training and a background check will be conducted. Some volunteer positions may require additional, specialized training.

Who can be a volunteer?

Our volunteers have a variety of experiences, expertise, abilities, and backgrounds. We recommend all interested individuals, whether or not they have experience with the U.S. Army, fill out a volunteer application. At this time, volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Are there other ways to volunteer if I cannot volunteer in person?

At this time, there are only in-person volunteer opportunities.

May volunteers set their own volunteer schedule? Is there a required time commitment?

Yes. Volunteers manage their schedule by selecting available three-hour shifts through the Museum’s Volunteer Portal. We ask that volunteers try to work an average of three shifts per month, but we can provide a temporary leave of absence on a case-by-case basis for travel, work or health-related leaves.

May I talk to someone about the volunteer program?

Yes. Please email our  Volunteer Services Team..

Are National Army Museum volunteers a part of the Army Volunteer Corps?

No. Museum volunteers are not integrated with the Army Volunteer Corps or Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) volunteer tracking.

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