Artifact Donation Wish List

Artifact Donation Wish List

What Do We Collect?

The National Museum of the United States Army’s mission is to collect, preserve, and exhibit items related to the history of the United States Army (USA) and its individual Soldiers. To accomplish this goal, the National Army Museum acquires a wide variety of artifacts and historic materiel for use in exhibits, as reference or teaching materials, and to assist in conducting original research. The Museum is always seeking artifact donations and archival material related to the Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. Items we are seeking include:

  • Items associated with significant persons, actions, campaigns, and events (i.e., the Aisne-Marne Offensive, D-Day, Operation Eagle Claw) with clear, documented history.
  • Technical and typological examples of Army materiel from the last twenty years. This includes prototype, test, initial fielding, and end-of-production materiel.
  • Soldier-produced, eyewitness artwork in any medium that interprets the Army experience.
  • Rare, provenanced items.
  • Artifacts associated with World War II Nisei Soldiers, or their families interned in any of the 10 War Relocation Authority (WRA) incarceration camps.
  • Artifacts associated with minorities, Ritchie Boys, Code Talkers, Native Americans, and prisoners of war.
  • Artifacts associated with individuals who acquired fame in sports, industry, film, etc.
What Do We Not Collect?

The National Army Museum does not collect items related to other U.S. military service branches or foreign militaries. Generally, we do not accept the following:

  • Live munitions
  • Commercially available commemorative items
  • Challenge coins or trophies
  • Commercially available models
  • Duplicative foreign or American small arms
  • Banners and political party flags
  • Undocumented souvenir-type items
  • Unit plaques and trophies
  • Batteries
  • Human remains
  • Military-themed prints
  • Reproductions of original artifacts, documents, or paintings
  • Gifts from foreign countries