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Episode 2: POW Shirt and Pants

Discover the story of Staff Sgt. Jon R. Cavaiani through the pajamas he wore for nearly two years as a Prisoner of War (POW) in North Vietnam. Awarded the Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart for his actions, Cavaiani continued to serve in the Army until his retirement in 1990. Cavaiani’s story is a compelling example of the Army Values.”

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Episode 1: Nisei Soldier Bag


Sgt. Gary Uchida’s Canvas Travel Bag: The National Museum of the United States Army shares the Soldier’s story of Sgt. Gary Uchida who served in the U.S. Army’s 100th Infantry Battalion during World War II. Uchida kept an illustrated record of his Army experiences on this otherwise ordinary bag. Born in Hawaii, Uchida is also a second generation Japanese American, referred to as a “Nisei Soldier.”

Through the Nisei Soldier Experience, the Museum features artifacts that capture the rarely-told story of the Japanese American Nisei Soldier during World War II. This temporary exhibit highlights their struggles both at home and abroad. Their courageous acts on the battlefield and their long-awaited recognition culminating in the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the Nisei Soldiers of World War II in 2000.

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