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February: Black History Month

Black Americans have served in the U.S. Army since the Revolutionary War. Despite constant adversity, racism, and unequal treatment, these Soldiers fought and died for a country that often considered them second-class citizens. Explore select stories of Black Soldiers’ service in the U.S. Army.

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Beyond the Civil War: Buffalo Soldiers on the American Frontier and Overseas, 1866-1916

“We Return Fighting”: The Harlem Hellfighters in World War I

Making a Way out of No Way: The African American Soldier Experience in World War II

Painting of Black Civil War Soldiers in the midst of battle helping a wounded white officer

United States Colored Troops in the American Civil War

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

Buffalo Soldiers

The 555th Parachute Infantry Company “Triple Nickles”

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Clifford L. Alexander, 1933-2022
William H. Carney, 1840-1908
Benjamin O. Davis Sr., 1877-1970
Benjamin O. Davis Jr., 1912-2002
John Denny, 1846-1901
Alyce Dixon, 1907-2016
Charity Adams Earley, 1918-2002
Medgar W. Evers, 1925-1963
Henry O. Flipper, 1856-1940
Evelyn Hollis, 1961-Present
Henry Johnson, 1892-1929
Hazel Johnson-Brown, 1927-2011
James Armistead Lafayette, 1748-1830
Jordan B. Noble, 1800-1890
Emily J.T. Perez, 1983-2006
Colin L. Powell, 1937-2021
Della Raney, 1912-1987
William P. Woodlin, 1842-unknown