National History Day

Civil War


The Civil War is a major turning point in modern American history. Slavery and states’ rights bitterly divided the nation. In four years the bloody and destructive conflict established the sovereignty of the nation over the states. Slavery was abolished. The passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments spread democratic ideals throughout the country and the world.

How did technological developments influence the Civil War?

How did the outcome of the Civil War affect the formation of new states?

How did the Civil War change the U.S. Army?

Soldier Stories

Clara Barton
William H. Carney
Albert D.J. Cashier
Joshua L. Chamberlain
Manuel A. Chaves
Edward Day Cohota
Ulysses S. Grant
George B. McClellan
William McKinley
Robert Gould Shaw
William P. Woodlin


United States Colored Troops in the American Civil War
The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
Hispanic Americans in the Civil War
Black Hat Devils: The Iron Brigade of the West
The Origins of Memorial Day


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