How George Washington Started the French and Indian War

In the vast frontier woods of what was called “the Ohio Country,” a young, inexperienced Virginia provincial officer named George Washington set off a series of events in 1754 that would soon set off the wide-scale conflict called the French and Indian War in America, and the Seven Years’ War in Europe. Based at a crude log fort called Fort Necessity in today’s western Pennsylvania, Col. Washington led a small detachment of Soldiers in search of suspected French spies in May. The ensuing skirmish that pitted the Virginians and their Indian allies against colonial French troops ended in bloodshed, further violence that summer, and eventually to an all out imperial war engulfing Great Britain, France, Spain, American colonists, and Native Americans. Join the National Museum of the United States Army’s Elizabeth Maurer, Chief of Programs and Education, in a one hour presentation exploring George Washington’s first command, his initiation into warfare, and decisions he took that sparked a world war.


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